Spring in Montana means the weather will be changing and a good portion of the state will be spending more time outside. The flowers will be blooming, and the birds will be chirping. For those with seasonal allergies, the sneezing, itchiness and congestion will begin too.

Spring in Montana Can Bring Allergies

Sometimes just being able to pop a pill can make the symptoms go away. There are some other ways to combat seasonal allergies that don't require medications. Some ways to fight the allergies are common sense, other ways are things that maybe you haven't thought about, but would help with the symptoms that can occur.

A Few Ways to Control Allergy Symptoms

Studyfinds.org has compiled a list, from health care professionals, of things that allergy sufferers can do to help relieve their symptoms. A few of them have to do with keeping things clean, like yourself and your bedding and pillows. The recommendation is to shower often and to wash your bedding more regularly.

One Way That Can Help With More Than Just Allergies

There is one thing you can do that is recommended by health care professionals that not only is supposed to help with allergies, but can help you from getting sick too, and that is using a "saline nasal irrigation". There are few options when it comes to this. There is a more traditional "Neti pot", or you can choose from multiple types of "sinus rinse". According to the Mayo Clinic, you should consult your physician about the use of a Neti pot.

For allergy sufferers, spring in Montana can be miserable. Hopefully at least one of these tips will help make the Montana spring a bit more enjoyable.

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