Montana may be getting more jackpot winners in 2024. The Montana Lottery has chances for more people to win million dollar jackpots with at least two of their games. One game is underway right now.

There Is A $1,000,000 Ticket in Montana

As of press time, there hasn't been a winner in the big scratch game that the Montana Lottery is offering. The "Golden Millionaire Maker" scratch game has a grand prize of $1,000,000. The tickets cost $30 each. The odds of winning the million dollar jackpot are 1:90,050.00. There are prizes that range from a free ticket to $50,000. According to lottery officials there hasn't been a jackpot winner for this game, yet. That means there is a winning ticket somewhere right now.

Golden Millionaire Maker
Credit: Montana Lottery

We often get news stories about people who have forgotten about tickets, given them as gifts, or accidently thrown away winning tickets. Montana has had a $1,000,000 winning ticket go unclaimed in the past.

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If you miss out on the latest scratch game, there will be another chance at a million dollar jackpot with the "Montana Millionaire" game. The game has expanded again this year, due to high demand. In case you missed it, the game has gotten even bigger for 2024.

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The "Montana Millionaire" game has added yet another million dollar jackpot. There will be total of 4, million dollar jackpots, for 2024. According to the press release here are some of the details for "Montana Millionaire" 2024.

  • Ticket prices will stay at $20
  • 4 one million dollar grand prizes
  • Better odds to win a million dollars
  • 120,000 more tickets will be added for a total of 500,000 tickets
  • 200 more $500 instant wins
  • 2,500 more $100 instant wins
  • $250,000 mid-game drawing
  • Better overall odds
  • Similar payout percentage

"Montana Millionaire" game will go live again this year on Friday November 1,2024. Please play responsibly.

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