The deadline has come and gone and a winning $1,000,000 ticket from the Montana Lottery has officially gone unclaimed. The winning ticket was from the latest "Montana Millionaire" game from the Montana Lottery which included two, one million dollar winning numbers drawn in December of 2022. One ticket was never redeemed.

The Montana Lottery Confirms the Winner Didn't Redeem the Winning Ticket

I reached out to Dan Iverson from the Montana Lottery about the Montana Millionaire winning ticket. Dan confirmed that no one had redeemed the ticket for one of the $1,000,000 grand prizes. The deadline for redemption was July 1, 2023.

According to Dan, the money will now revert back to the state of Montana. Where does the Montana Lottery funds go to help Montana? According to Dan:

Montana’s STEM/Healthcare Scholarship Program and the state’s General Fund, as defined by law.

According to the Montana Lottery it is very rare for someone to not redeem a winning ticket for a jackpot this size. The biggest winning jackpot that Montana has seen to date was a $48.5 million dollar Powerball jackpot winner, with a ticket purchased Helena on June 23, 2010.

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Montana Millionaire Game in 2023 is Getting Even Bigger

The Montana Lottery is now increasing the "Montana Millionaire" game for 2023. There will be three chances for someone to become a millionaire this year. Not only has the lottery increase the grand prizes, the odds of becoming a millionaire have increased too.

Montana Just isn't Lucky When it Comes to Lotteries

When it comes to lottery winners, Montana is considered the unluckiest state in the country. Now Montana has another lottery story to tell. Someone, somewhere had a million dollar winning ticket and for whatever reason that ticket was never redeemed. We may never know why.

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