Starting at 5:30 this morning, the Montana Millionaire tickets went on sale from the Montana Lottery. There were 380,000 tickets up for grabs this year and in less than 5 hours they were all gone.

Ashley and I, from The Chris and Ashley Show, showed up at 5:32 a.m. at a local convenience store and the parking lot was already full. Inside, there was a long line of people waiting to get their tickets. We thought by 5:30 a.m., we may be one of the first people in line. Nope.

Credit: Chris Wolfe/Canva
Credit: Chris Wolfe/Canva

Making Friends In the Montana Millionaire Line

As we talked with people who were waiting in line with us, we made some friends. One person was a listener of the show, he told us that his ex-wife had won the Montana Millionaire drawing a few years ago. They weren't together at the time when she won. So he thought he would give it a chance this year.

Chris and Ashley Standing In Line

This was the first time that Ashley had ever purchased a Montana Millionaire ticket. She didn't know what to do. She asked, "Do I scratch things, do I pick numbers, how does this work?" So I explained the numbers go sequentially from 1 all the way to 380,000, no scratching, no picking. This year three of those tickets will each be worth $1,000,000.

Instant Winners Happen

My father always tried to give us scratch tickets for holidays, and he played the lottery regularly. We rarely, if ever, won any amount of money. He passed away a few years ago, and we recently found out he had a life insurance policy. My share of the policy was $40. If you knew my father, that was about what we could expect. He always lived his life like a pirate. This morning I took that $40 and purchased some Montana Millionaire tickets. One of the tickets was an instant winner!

For all of the people who are holding a Montana Millionaire ticket, make sure you sign them and put them in a safe place where you can find them later. The grand prize drawings will be held on December 26th. Let's make sure that a winning ticket doesn't go unclaimed this year like it did last year.

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Good luck to everyone holding a ticket and remember, please play responsibly.

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