'Food near me' might be the most common search on my phone. It doesn't matter how long I live in Montana, the second I want to go out to eat, I forget about all the options.

It's easy to forget because Montana's food scene seems to be changing all the time. In Missoula, for example, a new restaurant seems to open every few months.

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Montana food search in the last 30 days shows several breakout trends. That being said, this data continuously changing, so there may be slight variations if sampled within a day or two of this article.

There were breakout searches for specific retailers like Yoke's in Missoula, Heritage Food Store in Helena, and Cafe Rio, but these five breakout searches had to do with a type of cuisine or something food-related.

bowls of vegetarian food
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Montanans Are Searching: Vegetarianism

With the new year, many people are considering diet changes, and even though cookunity.com says vegetarianism is only practiced by 5-6% of Americans, some sources indicate vegetarianism is on the rise.

The challenge, though, is finding vegetarian restaurants in Montana. Many restaurants offer vegetarian dishes, but fewer are strictly vegetarian. And if you're vegan, it may be even harder to find.

  • Vegetarian Options available in Missoula: try Green Source
  • Vegetarian Options available in Bozeman: try The Nova Cafe
  • Vegetarian Options available in Billings: try Spitz
Korean Cuisine
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Montanans Are Searching: Korean Cuisine

Bulgogi, Kimchi, Korean BBQ--these foods have been popping up on menus everywhere so it's no wonder that Montanans would be searching Korean cuisine, whether they want to cook it or go out to eat.

  • Where to get Korean in Missoula: If you're cooking, try the Samar International Food Market
  • Where to get Korean in Bozeman: If you're cooking, try the Bozeman Asian Market
  • Where to get Koren in Billings: If you're cooking, try Isabela Asian Market
cooked dish with lamb
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Montanans Are Searching: Lamb and mutton meat

It was only three years ago that a headline from The Food Institute claimed, "Lamb: The Latest Meat in High Demand."

Why might Montanans be searching for lamb and mutton? More Montanans may be eating food that is produced locally, or it may be just because it's an alternative to beef, chicken, and pork.

allergy medicine
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Montanans Are Searching: Food Allergy

Some studies indicate that pollen allergies are on the rise and others are pointing to food allergies being on the rise too, especially in the US, according to the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team. It may be this increase in allergies that has led to the increase in search volume, too.

thai food
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Montanas Are Searching: Thai Food Near Me

CNN Travel has a great feature about "How Thai food became so popular in the US" and like any trend that may be delayed in reaching Montana, Montanans may be searching Thai food as part of a broader trend.

  • Where to get Thai Food in Missoula: try Zoo Thai
  • Where to get Thai Food in Bozeman: try Thai Basil
  • Where to get Thai Food in Billings: try Cham Thai Cuisine

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