Spring has arrived, though it showed up early in western Montana. Not only did we have fantastic, almost summer-like weather for St. Patrick's Day, but even the bears are coming out of hibernation early.

Even so, Montanans are ready to see some of the more welcome creatures. We got this message on our Facebook page when we asked what people look forward to most about spring in Montana: "When all the animals come out of hibernation and do a musical production in the meadow."

"Musical production" is a great way to describe it because birds are among the most common species to signal spring in Montana. Some species will be stopping in Montana on their way somewhere else while others will arrive soon.

Hummingbirds Will Arrive in Montana

According to OnlyinYourState hummingbirds are the bird species you're likely to see in early April in parts of western Montana, like Missoula and the Flathead. The Montana Field Guide identifies seven different hummingbird species that appear in Montana with six species in the west and south and one species, the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, in the state's northeast corner.

Which Birds Will Pass Through Montana This Spring?

There are other birds you might see this spring as they travel north. The Montana Science Partnership identifies three species of geese and swans that you might see. "Snow geese, tundra swans, and Ross' geese" often pass through the east side of the state, and if you get the chance, visit Freezeout Lake. It's an incredible sight to see so many geese in one place. If you've never been, you can get an idea in the video above the sheer number of birds and the cacophony as they fly away.

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