Depending on who you ask and where you go, Montana can be considered a pretty laid back state in comparison to other states across the country. People seem to have to rank states, towns, or places on some level or another. Some of the comparisons are serious, for example where do Montana towns rank when it comes to places to raise a family? Where does the state rank when it comes to people leaving their jobs?  Not all the rankings are as serious, like where does Montana rank for being able to get a good nights sleep?

Montana Doesn't Give Off the "Worst Vibes"

A ranking of which state gives off the "worst vibes" according to has Montana pretty low on the list, which is a good thing. Ranker is a website where anyone can "upvote" or "downvote" topics, so it is an ever changing list. As of this writing Montana ranks at number 43 of the states that give of the "worst vibes". The state that gives off the least of the "worst vibes" is Hawaii, followed by Vermont, Maine, Alaska and New Hampshire.

Which State Gives Off the Worst Vibes?

Surprisingly, to me, the state that gives off the most "worst vibes" is Alabama. If you read the news these days, I would have assumed the state with the "worst vibes" would have been Florida, but they come in at number three. The top five states that give off the "worst vibes" are Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Texas and New Jersey.

Montana is Low on the "Worst Vibes" List for Now

These rankings can be changed depending on how people vote. For now, Montana is one of the states that doesn't give off as many bad vibes as other states. I would like to think we will always be towards the bottom of a list like this, but you never know. For the time being, let's see if we can continue to give off good vibes, who know we may be able to overtake Rhode Island for number 43 on the list.

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