The economy is on the rebound from the last few years. There are some interesting job openings in Missoula if you are looking for a job working in either a cemetery or neighborhood. The "Great Resignation", where the country saw a large segment of the population quitting jobs, may be over according to some experts in parts of the country. It doesn't seem to be over in Montana according to the latest data from WalletHub.

Montana Ranks High for Resignation across the Nation

According to the report Montana is ranked in the top five states with the most resignations, not just the last month, but over the past 12 months, ranked at number three. Montana ranks below both Delaware and Alaska. The state with the least amount of resignations is Massachusetts. This ranking list also includes Washington D.C.

The Average Person Holds 12.4 Jobs in Their Lifetime

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average person born between 1957-1964 goes through a few jobs in their lifetime.  The average person has held 12.4 different jobs from the ages of 18-54. The averages are close for both men and women. Men held 12.6 jobs, and women held 12.3 jobs.

How Will This Continue to Affect Montana?

There are a lot of questions that are raised by Montana's ranking. Will this be something we will continue to see? With more people moving to Montana, and it being the number one location where people moved during the pandemic, will we see jobs coming with the increase in population?

There are Opportunities in Montana

There are jobs that can be created by projects like the "Ultimate Bike Trail" that will be coming through Montana. When it comes to working remotely, Montana ranks near the bottom of the country. Until we continue to get more data over time, we won't know the full extent of the "Great Resignation" on the Montana economy. For now, according to WalletHub, Montana has more people leaving jobs, than most of the states in the country.

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