I just came across a recommendation that I should be vacuuming way more often than I do. Some say once a week is fine, others say twice a week, and Better Homes & Gardens has recommendations based on "the number of people in your house, whether you have pets, and the type of flooring in each room." Needless to say, most of us probably don't vacuum nearly as often as we should.

And vacuuming often is especially important this time of year.

Of course, with spring you're probably tracking in more dirt than you usually do, so you might want to vacuum more just to keep things tidy, but you'll want to vacuum more often for another reason: allergies.

Outlook for Allergies 2023

In March of 2023, CNN reported on a new study from Climate Central which shows that due to climate change, growing seasons are changing, and as a result "allergy season is starting earlier and lasting longer."

In the article, they show a map with areas of the country that are seeing longer growing periods. Parts of western Montana are showing an increase in the growing season, meaning it could affect Montanans with allergies.

But here's the good news. Montana is a great place to live if you have allergies.

Montana is Ranked in the Top 10 Best States for Allergies

HouseFresh.com put together a list of the best and worst states for allergies and Montana is ranked in the top 10 for best states to live in if you have allergies.

In their methodology they used 15 variables to determine an "allergy score" and Montana got a 25, with the worst score being 53, which went to Kansas.

The top five states included Montanan's neighbor, Wyoming. The number one state was Utah.

So even though allergies in general maybe be getting worse, overall Montana is a better place than others to live if you do have allergies.

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