It is a project that seems to have been going on forever, but the Missoula Midtown Master Plan will be heading to a final draft next year. You have a chance to add your feedback to the vision of Midtown Missoula.

With the volume of input from the visioning workshop in September, the Missoula Midtown Association wants more of your feedback. You can take a community survey on the project website, where one survey taker will win a $100 Visa gift card, not that it should be the driving factor in giving your opinion in the direction of your community, however, any Missoula resident is encouraged to share an idea.


Melanie Brock, MMA Executive Director said,

We know many were unable to join us at the visioning workshop but would like to participate in the project. This survey will allow everyone to provide their thoughts and be a vital part of shaping Midtown.

Many of the goals surrounding the Midtown reboot build on already put forth initiatives, in their words, promoting equitable development, developing predictability for private investment, and creating a sense of belonging for businesses, residents, and visitors. At the same time work is being done on Transforming the Brooks Street Corridor and the City of Missoula is planning an overhaul of its building and zoning codes.

There Is a Lot Going On, Be Part Of It.

The survey is only twenty questions and is online through November 11th. Help planners and engineers identify priorities and plan for the needs of people who work, live, and recreate in Midtown Missoula. Early next year, the team will draft a master plan and strategy for Midtown’s future, The final draft should be done by June 2023. To take part in the survey visit,

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