Halloween has a tendency to sneak up on me and I find myself having to scramble most of the time to get a costume together. It is also difficult when you have a morning show partner who has a habit of working and planning ahead. Growing up we didn't have the costume stores that we have now, we had to go to K-Mart.  When my parents saw the prices of costumes for 5 kids, we went home empty handed. Then it was time to get to work on those homemade costumes to make sure we got some candy. In Montana you usually don't have any idea what the weather will be, so you have to take that into consideration too. So here are a few last minute and easy Montana costumes for the lazy and out of time and they will keep you warm too.


You knew I was going to go there. Just grab a sheet and a pair of scissors and you are read to go. If you don't want to ruin the sheets, you keep the sheet up until you ring the doorbell. Then you pull the sheet down, say "Trick or Treat", hold out your arm and hope you don't get a rock! Then when they close the door, pull the sheet up and go to the next house.


Montana has one of the biggest hunting populations in the entire United States. So throw on the camo and go. If you don't have camo, try an orange hat. Hunter orange works just as well as camo. Bonus if it is cold outside, most camo will keep you warm. Please leave the weapons at home.

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If it is a usual Montana Halloween there is probably snow somewhere in the area. Just throw on a winter hat, gloves and goggles and you are good to go. Since it is usually dark you may not even need to wear ski pants. Side note: when I learned to ski at Marshall Mountain we couldn't afford ski pants so I learned in jeans. It was the worst, they would get wet and then freeze up, so in theory you can wear jeans and be just fine.

Dead Sports Fan

Easy, get a jersey (any sport will do), some white makeup, a little black around the eyes and you are done. You can even have a drink in your hand and no one will question it. It will be just like you're at the stadium.


When I was a kid this was the "go to" for my mom for most of my siblings. It was easy, fast and kept us warm. An orange sweatshirt and a green hat and layers, is all you need done and done! If you happen to have some orange makeup, even better, but it isn't needed.

Good luck and have fun this Halloween, may the candy haul be plentiful!

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