The Montana Legislature is in session, so that means, bills, laws, and rules. We have been keeping track of a few of the proposed bills that are working through the system. There are proposed bills about science, books, and more.

Montana's More Interesting Laws

We have had some pretty interesting, to say the least, laws that have been on the books here in Montana. As I was looking over the list there was one in particular that caught my attention. It is against the law to drive animals upon railroad tracks in Montana. This law is still on the books. It states:

If a person willfully drives an animal upon a railroad track with intent to injure the corporation or persons owning the railroad and such animal is killed or injured thereby, the person is punishable by a fine not exceeding $50,000 or imprisonment in the state prison not exceeding 5 years, or both, and is liable for all injury or damage occasioned by reason of such act.

I Want To Know The Story Behind This Montana Law

This is a law that makes me curious about its origin. I understand the need for transporting animals safely from one place to the other in Montana. I also understand the need for people not to "drive" animals onto railroad tracks in order to kill the animals. The part that I am curious about is the "intent to injure the corporation or persons owning the railroad." Was this something that was done while the railroads were being built? Is this a law that we still need on the books? Is this still happening today? Did this law stop it from happening? I have never heard of this happening. I have questions.

New Laws Will Be Happening In Montana

As Montana's current legislature is deciding our new laws, let's not forget some of the more interesting ones that have been, and continue to be part of Montana's history.

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