Recently, we wrote about the benefits of downloading the Passport Parking App that Missoulians can use for parking in downtown Missoula. I've used it and I can tell you, it's really easy. Almost easier than using the electronic meter.

What I like about it most is that when it's super cold outside you can pay for parking without having to leave your toasty vehicle. Then, when you are ready to get out you can scurry to your destination instead of hopping and jostling to keep warm while trying to "feed the meter." I'm also the kind of person who never has any change, so using a card or my phone to pay is way easier in my opinion.

But what if the app could make your life even easier?

A New Survey on What Drivers Want

Kelly Blue Book recently highlighted a survey conducted by the firm TechInsights on the types of technology people actually want in their cars. The survey asked people in the US and abroad. The number one feature most wanted that came in first abroad and second in the US? Parking assistance. As in, having the app tell you where there are available parking spots and then offer the option to pay.

I would pay for a City of Missoula app if it would tell me where I could park.

If you're interested in sharing your thoughts on how to improve parking in Missoula you can leave feedback on this site.

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So, if the app we use for parking in Missoula had a feature that told you where parking spots were available, would you download and use it?

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