The city of Missoula wants your input on improving parking. This is your chance to speak up and let them know what you want to see change. One of the biggest changes has been the removal of the parking meters downtown and their replacement with "parking kiosks". The kiosks require you to enter your license plate number and then pay with either coins or a credit or debit card. I never thought I would say it, but I do actually miss the parking meters downtown. Now there is an app for parking downtown.

Technology is Changing in Downtown Missoula

As technology continues to change, you can now add parking to the list of things that your smart phone can do. The Missoula Downtown Association is getting the word out about the Passport Parking App. How will this app help you? According to the website:

Store multiple license plates and payment information to quickly and easily park, pay, and be on your way. Parking enforced Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm for on street parking; parking is free after 5pm, weekends, and Federal holidays.

The App Should Solve Some Issues With Parking In Missoula

All of this will help streamline the downtown parking process. I appreciate the app being able to store multiple license plates. Because I don't have personalized plates it is hard for me to remember my license plate number when I am parked a half a block down. I always forget and have to walk back to the kiosk. This app will also help prevent people from accidently leaving their card in the machine.

Paying For Parking Isn't Fun in Missoula, But They Are Trying to Help

Paying for parking is never fun, and learning a new system can be challenging. Using this technology is at least a step in the right direction to make the process a bit easier.

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