The big news in Missoula today was that the city council voted overwhelmingly to narrow Higgins Avenue to three lanes. If this idea comes as a surprise, it shouldn't, because this project has been in the works for over a year. If you don't agree with the decision, I'd make the same recommendation to you as if you didn't know about it in the first place.


What Is Engage Missoula?

Engage Missoula is a website to house all the various growth and improvement projects under consideration by the City of Missoula. It's an online platform and portal for both education and, well, engagement.

Arguably, many municipal websites are not user-friendly, limited, and downright boring. The City of Missoula's online properties is a noteworthy exception. Not only is the City of Missoula website thorough but it's organized effectively, and in places, it feels downright inviting.

The Engage Missoula Website is on a whole other level. 

The site is colorful and has buttons and photos and varying text sizes--all design elements that literally encourage engagement. But it's not only aesthetically pleasing, it's incredibly useful.

What It Offers to Missoula's New Comers

If you want to feel like you know what's "going on" in Missoula, a quick scroll of the Engage Missoula homepage shows every major project that Missoulians have opinions about. Housing, cannabis, environmental impact, trail use and expansion, and even noise pollution.

Inside each project, you'll find clear descriptions of the problems and proposed solutions. A feed like a blog includes updates on the project and on each one there are real people you can contact if you have questions.

What It Offers to Long-Time Missoula Residents

The true benefit of the site is the opportunity to provide feedback. If you're not one for city council meetings but you still want to be involved in your community, the site is designed in a way to encourage feedback, with surveys and comment areas as well as contact information for "Who's Listening."  With clear information about each project and its timeline, what has been accomplished, and when the city is looking for commentary, anyone can easily register on the site and make their voice heard.

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