This may be the next popular yet controversial legislation that will spread across the United States.

Recreational marijuana was all anyone could talk about when the first states moved to legalize it. Now, almost half of the country has legalized marijuana. This latest trend in environmentally conscious legislation could be something we'll see spread across the country, too.

What Is Human Composting?

Basically, it's a process of turning your remains, which are organic material, into compost that could nourish soil and plants. It's a strange idea to be sure, but there are potential benefits.

Connecticut Public Radio published a story recently about human composting legislation that made it through committee but will "likely waste away before it gets a full vote in the General Assembly." Those quoted in the story acknowledged this is something people want, but they're not ready to approve it just yet.

It's Not an Easy Topic

Considering what you want to be done with your remains is a very personal matter, but many are looking into more environmental options, as well as affordable ones. But it's not really an option for most people yet.

It's Only Legal in 6 States

While Montana's near neighbors Colorado, Oregon, and Washington have legalized human composting, along with three other states, it may be a while until Montana could see legalized human composting. This begs the question, what is legal in Montana in terms of burial and cremation?

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Montana's Burial Laws

Turns out, according to, "there are no state laws controlling where you may keep or scatter ashes." What does need to be considered, however, is whether a permit is required or whether there are any local regulations that would prohibit you from scattering ashes. also mentions that you may be able to bury your loved ones on private land, given that local regulations are considered. There are also no laws for needing a casket for burial, but a cemetery may require it.

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