Jeff Ament is a musician, an entrepreneur, and a Montanan. He has given so much back to his home state of Montana. Not only has he helped to bring Pearl Jam to Montana multiple times over the years, he has also helped Montana's rural communities survive and thrive with building skateparks across the state with Montana Pool Service and in partnership with the Montana Skate Park Association.

Jeff Ament Has Done So Much For Montana

Jeff has lobbied for the University of Montana to have ESPN's Game Day come to Missoula. He has been an amazing ambassador for Montana.

Montana Can Say "Thanks"

Here is a way to "Thank" Jeff Ament for all he has done for Montana. "Jeff Ament's Army", a Facebook group made up of fans wants to celebrate Jeff Ament and all he has done for Montana. They describe themselves as "A grassroots organization dedicated to supporting Jeff Ament's charitable activities". The past few years "Jeff Ament's Army" has been celebrating Jeff's birthday month with a way for everyone to give back.  Every March they ask fans of Jeff Ament and Pearl Jam to donate a basketball to a non-profit youth organization around the globe.

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Pearl Jam Huge Basketball Fans

Jeff Ament and Pearl Jam are basketball fans. So much so, they tried to name the band Mookie Blaylock, after the former professional basketball player. What better way to honor and thank Jeff Ament than to donate a basketball to a youth organization.

This Year Is A Milestone Year For Jeff Ament

Every year the goal is to try to get at least one basketball donation for every year of his age. This year Jeff Ament turns 60, so this year's goal is 60 basketballs by the end of March. This is a simple way everyone can "Thank" Jeff Ament for everything he continues to do for the state of Montana. An organization will also get a basketball out of the deal. Seems like a "win-win" to me.

Missoula's Guerrilla Turkey Drive Through the Years

The Guerrilla Turkey Drive started at Z100 in Missoula, Montana in 1994. Every year since then we've been helping to feed families in Western Montana with the help of local food banks.

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