As Montana becomes more of a hotbed for filming TV shows and movies it is becoming more commonplace to see famous faces around our state. With the filming of "Yellowstone" in the Bitterroot Valley and in Missoula, it isn't surprising to see some of the actors around. I had the chance to see Luke Grimes, who now calls Montana home, over the winter while I was performing with the Celtic Dragon Pipe Band.

Helen Mirren On Season Two of 1923

The Taylor Sheridan spinoff of "Yellowstone", "1923" has been filming in and around Butte. They are going to have a second season. Hellen Mirren appeared on CBS Mornings and gave some insight into what may happen in season two. She also spoke about working with Harrison Ford again after a long hiatus, see the video below.

Will Spencer Return to Montana?

So the question is, will Spencer return to Montana? We will have to wait until the next season comes out before we get those answers. Meanwhile "Yellowstone" season five is done. More questions than answers about the future of the "Yellowstone" franchise. Will we see Matthew McConaughey become a part of the franchise with another spinoff called "1944"? 

There is One Thing I Like About Watching Our Montana Shows

Regardless if you watch the shows or not, you can't deny the impact that they have had on Montana. The estimates of how much revenue "Yellowstone" has brought into our state, are big. We will be seeing more stories on the different spinoffs, the actors, and the speculation the shows have generated. The best part of watching the shows for me is trying to spot my friends and neighbors who have been cast as extras and are now famous.

Behind The Scenes Peek at Yellowstone Prequel Filming in Butte

Production on the new Yellowstone prequel, "1923" is officially underway in Butte, MT. Here's what we found on a huge outdoor set.

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