Fall in Montana is by far my favorite time of year and no, it isn't because I am a Libra either. There are so many things to look forward to that it really is a magical time of year in our wonderful state.

Tourists Go Home

As Summer ends a lot of the tourists go home and it almost feels like we can have our state back for a bit. We don't get stories of tourists doing stupid things in the fall like we do in the Summer. We don't have incredibly long lines into Glacier and Yellowstone. The campgrounds are a little quieter. The lakes are less crowded and sometimes you feel like you have an entire golf course to yourself!

Fall Golf/ Credit: Chris Wolfe

The Crisp Air Returns

The days become shorter and the weather cools off. With the weather getting colder we can bring out the "Hoodies." I live in a hoodie for the majority of the fall. I go for walks more in the fall than any other time of year. The leaves are changing, the trails are less crowded, I don't sweat as much, layers people. The leaves are changing with some of the most magnificent colors found in nature. I have always heard that the North East is THE place to watch fall foliage in our country. I would argue that Glacier Park can give them a run for their money.

Fall in Montana/Credit: Chris Wolfe


Hunting Season returns. Time to fill the freezers and thin the heard. Even though I am not a hunter, I have been on the receiving end of a lot of "backstrap" through the years and it is fantastic.


My second favorite holiday, behind Ol' Christmas. You get a chance to be someone else for at least a while. Most of the time I am someone who is dead; it makes it easy. You debate about the best/worst candy. You get a chance to teach your kids about taxes. Yes, as the parent that took them out you are entitled to at least 15% of the haul!

Brian and Chris Celebrating Halloween/Credit: Chris Wolfe
Brian and Chris? Maybe/ Credit: Chris Wolfe
Brian and Chris? Maybe/
Credit: Chris Wolfe
Brian and Chris Freaking People Out/ Credit: Chris Wolfe


Cooking and Baking

The stews, the chilis, the soups all make a return in the fall. I love to bake. Turning on the oven when it is triple digits outside is not ideal, but when the chill returns outside the cookie dough makes its triumphant return. I know that it isn't a popular opinion, but I will freely admit that I love me some "Pumpkin Spice." I don't like to admit that I can eat an entire pumpkin pie myself, but there you go.

The Halloween Cake/Credit: Chris Wolfe
The Halloween Cake/Credit: Chris Wolfe

Back to Campus

Universities, colleges, high schools, middle schools, grade schools are all back in session. Time for parents to celebrate! Time for "Cross Town Rivalries," sack lunches, homework and friends.


"Griz Football"/"Bobcat Football". We are a state divided, but it doesn't matter because it's "FOOTBALL!" Both The Griz and The Cats are very successful programs and this year looks to be no different. It doesn't matter if you bleed "Silver and Maroon" or "Blue and Gold" we have one of the best and oldest rivalries in all of sports in our wonderful state of Montana. You will never guess who I root for.

Go Griz!/Credit: Chris Wolfe
Go Griz!/Credit: Chris Wolfe

Fall is coming Montana, so let's enjoy a nice tall "Pumpkin Spice" latte while wearing our hoodies and enjoying the tailgate party with a nice Venison chili and a little bite in the air as you hear the roar of the crowds, there is nothing like fall in Montana!

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