Over the holidays I had a chance to spend some time in London. I am not saying that to brag, it was a trip three years in the making, and luckily we were able to finally pull it off. Living in Montana we are very lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy some of the best beers in the entire country.

Enjoying A Pint Responsibly

While I was in London I responsibly enjoyed a beer or two, both in a pub and from a store. There were a couple things that I noticed about the beer in the UK that set it apart from here in Montana..

The Beers From The Store Are Packaged Differently

The canned beers from the stores don't use the plastic rings to hold the beer together. I know that brewers here in Montana are trying to get away from using plastic too. One of the brewers used hard cardboard to hold the beers together at the top of the cans. Another used little dots of glue to hold the cans together and then a big piece of tape across the top of the cans to carry them. It was interesting to see such little packaging being used with the cans. Bottled beers were similar to what we are used to with carboard carrying containers.

I Enjoyed The Pub

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One of my favorite parts of the trip was to be able to have a beer in a London pub. Yes I had fish and chips with a side of "mushy peas". I wasn't a fan of the peas. But what I did like was that when you order a draft beer in a pub, they serve the beer in a glass from that specific brewery. I always thought that was cool. It happened in every pub we stopped by for a "pint". Even at our hotel, you are served your beer in the glass from the brewery. The other cool thing about that is they aren't all the same pint glasses either. I know there are places here and there that do that, but it is consistent in London. One time a ordered a beer and the bartender apologized that they were out of the glasses from that particular brewery.

It's The Little Thigs For Me

When I travel. for me, it is the little things that are different that make it cool and help make memories. By the way, no, I did not order any IPAs.

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