Growing up, one of the most epic meals we ate was Easter Brunch. We ate brunch at Finn back when it was the Edgewater, and several times at the Double Arrow Lodge. One year we even had brunch at Arriba! when it was located in the Southgate Mall.

But brunch has gotten so popular over time and a common activity for any weekend, really, that when I called around to see if there were reservations available anywhere, everyone I talked to was fully booked.

I'm glad that Missoula is supporting local restaurants, but what's a person to do if they're hoping for an epic morning meal come Sunday? You've got a few options.

Take Your Chances with "Just Breakfast" in Missoula

With everyone booking reservations for brunch, you might have some luck just going to one of Missoula's usual haunts. But then again, that might be everyone's idea.

Try Having an Easter Dinner

With everyone focusing on having breakfast, you might have some luck booking a reservation for dinner somewhere. Who knows, it might even be relatively quiet and relaxed.

Have an Easter Picnic

Missoula, we know you're a hearty bunch and that cold weather doesn't scare you (even if you're tired of it already.) Try stopping by a grocery store and picking out some portable but fancy foods. Then you can say you've eaten brunch "in the woods." 

Sleep In

There's always something to be said for catching up on some much-needed rest and starting your day with lunch. Having "just lunch" on Easter might be even more successful than "just breakfast" or "just dinner."

Make Your Own Brunch

Even if it's Eggo Waffles from the toaster, a charcuterie tray you bought pre-assembled from the grocery store, and a bloody mary recipe you found on Pinterest, you can have a delightful Easter Brunch right at home. But if you're really set on making if feel like you had brunch in Missoula, maybe splurge on some Daily's Bacon, bread from Grist Milling & Bakery, and cookies from Bernice's Bakery.

Your Best Bet for Lunch in Missoula Montana

What can around $15 dollars get you for lunch in Missoula? Here are some suggestions from the locals who eat here:

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