We've been reminiscing this week about the Missoula restaurants we miss most and one type of restaurant or eatery that Missoula is in shortage of is a dedicated bagel shop.

Bagels on Broadway Missoula Montana

Missoula said goodbye to both Bagels on Broadway and Brooklyn Bagel recently. But the good news is that Bagels on Broadway is not completely gone. The new bakery in its place, Morning Birds Bakery, acquired Bagels on Broadway and now uses the Bagels on Broadway recipe for its bagels.

There are other bakeries with great bagels in Missoula, but it's not quite the same as having a dedicated bagel shop.

That could be why another Montana city has earned the designation of having the best bagel in the state.

The Best Bagel in Montana Is in Billings

If you haven't tried the bagels at The Sourdough Bagel in downtown Billings, you're 100% missing out. I mean, look at the photo below. They're sparkling.

TastingTable put together a list of the best bagels in all 50 states based on reviews and The Sourdough Bagel came out the winner in Montana. I can't disagree.

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The crunch-to-soft ratio in these bagels is unparalleled. If you don't arrive at The Sourdough Bagel early in the day, you'll be out of luck because they sell out.

No joke, they sell out fast. A fair number of the posts on their Facebook page are just to let people know that they've run out of bagels. The bagels are so popular, that you can now find them at other vendors in Billings like the Yellowstone Valley Food Hub or Frae Everyday Goods.

The Sourdough Bagel will also give you a sourdough starter if you want to try your hand at some baking.

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