Tipping is an issue that everyone seems to have an opinion about. A while back I wrote a letter about the idea of doing away with tipping. This was an article that caused people to call me names. I am still not sure why it would cause name calling, but it did.

It Seems Like Tipping Is Everywhere In Montana

Tipping seems to be getting more prevalent. It almost feels like it is everywhere. I heard a conspiracy theory the other day about tipping and it had to do with the companies that businesses use to process payments. The theory is that the companies that process the payments get paid a percentage of all the transactions, including the tips. That is why when the cashier passes the screen to you, there is a tip involved.

Montanans Tip Bigger Than Most

Congratulations Montana we are considered big tippers compared to other states. According to Toast, Montana ranks number 15 in the United States for the amount we tip, coming in at 20.1%. Number one was Delaware at 21.8%, and dead last was California at 17.5%.

Montanans Can't "Over Tip"

We asked our listeners what they would consider to be "over tipping" and the main consensus was you can't over tip someone. I do tip, and I believe I am a big tipper. I still believe we need to do away with tipping across the board. I don't like the pressure and the stress that comes with the responsibility for how much money a person can make at their job. That doesn't mean I will stop tipping.

What Other Montana Jobs Should Get Tips

If we are going to continue to tip, let's tip other jobs that should be appreciated with a little something extra.

  • Tire shop workers
  • Mechanics
  • Nurses
  • Teachers
  • EMTs
  • Firefighters
  • Smokejumpers
  • Youth athletic coaches
  • Janitors

Tipping Won't Go Away In Montana

The list can go on. Even though Montana ranks high in tipping, and I may get more name calling, no one has convinced me that we should keep tipping instead of paying our workers more. Let their bosses and owners of their companies be responsible for their pay. Don't let a person off the street dictate how much someone should get paid for doing their job.

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