UPDATED: 2:40pm 2/4/23

The Cowgirl Camp received so many applications that they are closing submissions early! Here's an update from Caroline:

Original Article

Some of my favorite memories of growing up in Montana include the time I spent on my grandparent’s ranch. It was on these visits that I spent the most time outside, playing hide and seek in a grove of trees, packing a lunch and following the barely worn tire tracks to the creek for some midday fishing, or riding the horses, Tasha and Ace.  

It was on their ranch where I listened to the repetitive song of Montana’s state bird, the western Meadowlark, and sucked the purple tubes of honeysuckles that were scattered between the long grasses. I cherish the time I spent there and the memories it gave me. 

That’s why I think this opportunity is a special one.  

Registration for Cowgirl Camp is Now Open 

This is a women’s retreat hosted by Caroline Nelson at the Battle Creek Ranch in Meagher County, Montana.  

Who Cowgirl Camp Is For 

If your idea of a women’s retreat is spa treatments and luxury, this one’s not for you. Nelson’s website describes the retreat as “not your typical dude ranch getaway!” She goes on to explain:  

“Cowgirl Camp is a celebration of the land and the livestock we tend, and is designed for those who desire to come together, learn new skills, and above all, build community.” 

Nelson also emphasizes that this is an opportunity for a digital detox. As you can imagine, there’s not great cell service in the “middle of Montana,” so you won’t have to worry about returning a text or answering that work email. Instead, you’ll be riding horses and learning to rope, among other things.  

You might think that means this is a retreat for women from outside of Montana to learn about this way of life, but I’d offer that even though my grandparents had a ranch, not every ranch is the same, and I think it would be fascinating to learn ranch skills that I never picked up.  

If You’d Like to Attend 

The Camp will take place over the weekend of July 27-31, 2023 and again over the weekend of August 3-7, 2023 and is open to applicants age 21 and over. An application is required and can be found here

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