Growing up I had posters on my walls. My mother wasn't happy about me using pushpins to hold them up, but she let me keep them. I had posters of my favorite athletes, Nolan Ryan and Dan Fouts and skateboarder Steve Steadham. I had posters of my favorite bands and musicians. I even had an old magician poster. Today my kids and their friends have posters on their walls. It is great to see some things haven't changed. Even though the specific people are different, they have the some of the same topics represented. They have their favorite musicians, bands and skateboarders.

Exotic Cars You Never Saw In Montana

Before we were able to drive, my friends and I had posters of exotic cars on our walls. Cars that I never saw on any street in Montana. There were Ferraris, BMWs, Mercedes Benz, Corvettes and, of course, Lamborghinis. I would not be considered "car guy" at all. I know the very basics, and I can't fix anything. But I appreciate the machinery and anyone who works on cars.

London Has Money

When I took a trip to London recently, I was amazed at some of the cars I saw on the streets. I saw Jaguars, BMWs, Mercedes Benz, and yes a Lamborghini.

The Montana Lamborghini

Recently as I was scrolling on Instagram I saw a posting about a Lamborghini Countach. It was the same car that was on the poster on my friends wall. As I watched the "reel" I almost missed it. I had to watch it a couple times. Sure enough the car has a Montana license plate. How cool is that? Check out the video.

Montana Has Exotic Cars, But They Are Still Rare

Times have changed since I had posters on my walls. Now occasionally you can see exotic cars on the roads in Montana. They are a rare sight, but they are out there. One thing that hasn't changed is my appreciation for cars and the memories and excitement I got seeing a dream car from my childhood registered in Montana.

Five Most Stolen Cars in Montana in 2022

Even thieves have preferences. Here is a list of the five most-stolen cars in Montana so far in 2022 according to

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