When I moved back to the Missoula one of the first things I asked my coworkers was, "Where does everybody go out to eat these days?" I remembered which restaurants were popular when I was growing up, but the food landscape changed a lot in the 20 years I was gone.

I was surprised when I got six or seven different answers. I thought there might be one great place that everybody would recommend.

There's no shortage of quality steak restaurants in Montana, and you'll find highly recommended restaurants in Montana's smallest towns, many of which are casual. But if there's one town that does casual food well, I'd have to say it's Billings.

Sophie's Kitchen Billings Montana

For a great, laid-back breakfast you might try McCormick Cafe or Sophie's Kitchen. The brewpubs like Montana Brewing Company, Uberbrew, or Last Chance Pub & Cider Mill have tasty vittles, but there's one restaurant in Billings that if you ever ask where someone wants to go for lunch or a casual bite, you'll hear about this one first.

The 'Best Casual Restaurant' In Montana Is In Billings

The Daily Meal put together a list of the 'best casual restaurant' in every state and their pick for Montana was The Burger Dive. I couldn't agree more with this choice.

The Burger Dive Billings Montana
Brian Murnion via YouTube

The burgers are juicy, sweet, savory, and every flavor in between. And the garlic parmesan fries? Phenomenal.

The line to eat at the Burger Dive starts in the middle of the restaurant and often extends to the door and outside. The ambiance is just as fun as the food. Walls are covered with memorabilia, like a giant Blockbuster sign, and waiting guests are given miniature cars to hold while waiting to be called for their table.

The Burger Dive Billings Montana
Brian Murnion via YouTube

This latest honor is one in a long list of accolades for The Burger Dive. They were the Burger Champions in the 2016 World Food Championships but have also won a Best of the Bash award at the 2014 Food Network Cooking Channel South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

Congrats, Burger Dive!

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