Earlier this week we mentioned that it seems like we need to share a weekly PSA about technology scams. Now, it feels like we need to share a weekly PSA about recalls.  

For example, there was a story this week about multiple candy brands being recalled at Walmart and Target stores. Now there's a recall that had me checking my cabinet, and it's for a product that you wouldn't think of when it comes to recalls. 

If you are a tea drinker, you're probably familiar with Yogi tea. I remember when I first started buying it, I appreciated the little messages on the tea bag strings, and I liked the variety of flavors. Most food contaminations involve a risk of Listeria, Salmonella, or E coli. But according to a story from CNN a recall has been issued for the popular tea brand due to pesticide contamination. 

The specific tea involved in the recall is the Echinacea Immune Support tea.

Yogi Ecninacea Immune Support Tea
Yogi via Amazon

CNN says that almost 900,000 bags of tea were recalled and they were sold nationwide. An Enforcement Report from the FDA includes a list of the lot numbers that have been recalled for this tea. If you did purchase this kind of tea, you can reference the lot numbers at this link.

For whatever it's worth. One way to make sure the tea you are drinking is of a high quality is to buy tea from local providers like Lake Missoula Tea Company, Butterfly Herbs, or the Montana Tea & Spiced Trading LLC.  

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