Think about the last time you went out to eat. Did you order something from the menu you had never tried before, or did you order something that you recognized?  

Most people don't get the opportunity to try what might be considered ‘exotic’ food very often. And to put the word ‘exotic’ in context for this article, we're talking about food that may be new to you, regardless of where it comes from. We asked our listeners about some of the exotic foods they tried and learned about some interesting foods served in Montana. 

Of course, Montana is a state where many hunters eat the animals they harvest. But not every animal hunted is consumed. For example, have you ever tried mountain lion? 

A listener told us about the Valley Bar in Darby, Montana, which used to have an annual mountain lion feed. Interestingly, the listener says the feed would happen on the last Saturday of April, which is coming up at the end of this week. I did some Googling and couldn't find anything about a mountain lion feed at the Valley Bar, but she wasn't the only one to mention eating mountain lions in Montana.  

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Another listener told us about trying mountain lion at an outdoor church that used to have a feast once a year, and he also said he ate bear jerky chunks.  

So let's pose the question to other Montanans. Take our poll below. Have you tried/eaten mountain lion or bear?  

Be advised that Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks warns of Trichinosis in bears and lions and that the meat needs to be fully cooked before it’s eaten. There’s more information available on their website

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