Steakhouses have been a hot topic of conversation in western Montana lately. Earlier this spring, there was tons of buzz when Texas Roadhouse opened at Southgate Mall. But even more recently, we learned that a new steakhouse will open in the old Buck Snort location on Evaro Hill called Kampfire Steakhouse. It’s owned by Kim and Scott Feldkamp, who you might know from their other steak house, The Edgar Bar Steakhouse.  

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Thinking about having a new steakhouse to the north of Missoula, I wondered about steakhouses in all four directions from the city. Lolo Creek Steakhouse is located to the South. If you’re willing to drive a little bit, Wolf Creek Lodge is just over the Montana/Idaho border to the west, but I wasn’t sure about any steakhouses that are east of Missoula.  

Then I got a recommendation from a listener. He told me to give Ekstrom’s Stage Station in Rock Creek a try. I felt a little silly that I had never heard of it, even though I grew up here. On their website, I found an interesting message. 

Steakhouse Under New Ownership in Western Montana 

It turns out the steakhouse was purchased recently. After being patrons of the restaurant for decades, new owners, Jessice and Pete, said on the site, “With the sale of the business, new codes and regulations must be met for Missoula County, so for now, the restaurant will remain closed pending renovations.”  

Renovations after a sale are often expected, but they also share their vision for the future of the property, which is a little more unique.  

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They’re looking to create a “Tiny House Village” out of the campground, and tiny home villages are an idea that’s catching on across the country. For example, The Veterans Community Project is a nonprofit organization that, as part of its mission, builds tiny home communities for veterans. It started in Missouri but has expanded to Colorado and South Dakota among other states.  

It sounds like this tiny home community may be open to anyone. With the challenges many people face finding housing in western Montana, it’s hopeful to see that this could be a possibility. In the meantime, camping at the property opened on May 23, 2024. 

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