It's getting to the point where there's an AI for everything, or AI can do anything. Honestly, it's hard to keep track. Personally, I'm not sure how I feel about the way AI is being used in creative fields--you know, to write novels, songs, or create art--but in general, it makes me wary.

There are certainly ways to use "AI for good" and then, there are just weird uses for AI. Like this one.

A creator on Instagram who goes by the name Merkabah 13 asked AI to create a god for every state and then posted the results.

Let me slow down for a minute and say I'm not trying to offend anyone or their beliefs by sharing this. I'm sharing this because as a thought experiment, to imagine a god for every state is interesting, and to see the god that AI came up with for Montana is even more interesting. While the creator does appear to have a spiritually-themed account, I'll just say, you can interpret this however you want.

Here's what the AI created for Montana, and half of the other states:

(If you want to see the rest of America, you can see part 1 here.)

If you watch both videos all the way through, you can kind of get a sense of how the AI compiled these images. There are elements that hint at aspects of each state's culture. The New Mexico god has peppers, the New York god looks like the Statue of Liberty and the Montana god is...well, a cowboy.

Here's my question: why the skeleton look?

Is it because Montana has a lot of ghost towns? Do we work ourselves 'to the bone'? That part just didn't quite make sense to me. That is, unless Montanans' belief in ghosts meant that we would have a ghostly god. Beats me, but I won't be watching any Yellowstone before bed tonight.

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