This year, in 2023, the Montana Lottery had two $1,000,000 winning tickets from the Montana Millionaire game. One of the winners didn't redeem their winning ticket and it expired. Some of that money went to Montana's General Fund, but that's not the only place where money goes from the Montana Lottery. The Montana Lottery helps to fund a STEM scholarship program for Montana students.

The Montana Lottery Helps Montana Students

Daniel Iverson from the Montana Lottery explained about their involvement in the scholarship program that was started in 2020. The Montana Legislature dictates where some of the lottery funds are spent in Montana. The way the 2019 law was written, is that funds for the scholarships come off of the top of the funds and the rest then goes into the state general fund. This guarantees the scholarship program will be funded. So far this program has helped a lot of Montana students. Here is what Daniel said about the program:

The cumulative amount since fiscal year 2020 is at 5 million now. It started out the very first year that we did it, at 500,000. Then the next year was 1,000,000. After that 1.5 then two and then starting next year and going forward it'll be two and a quarter million dollars that we contribute every year.


Daniel appreciates the partnership with the STEM scholarship program, because it is tangible and has a direct impact on Montana students. The program started in fiscal year 2020, so next year will be the first year that students will be graduating from the Montana University system with the help of these scholarships.

Montana STEM Scholarship Information

I spoke with Tyler Trevor, the Deputy Commissioner for Budget & Planning with the Montana University System about the partnership. Here are some of the requirements to be considered for the scholarship:

  • Montana High School Students
  • 3.25 High School grade point average
  • Completed 4 years of math and 3 years of science
  • Study one of the STEM disciplines or healthcare. Science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.
  • Maintain at least a 3.0 grade point while using the scholarship.

According to Tyler, the scholarships are worth a total $6,000 towards the student's cost of attendance. It is split up over the four years. The first year is $1,000, the second and third years are $1,500 and the fourth year is $2,000. So far there have been 1,700 Montana students that have received these scholarships. To read more about the program you can find information here.

Montana Millionaire is Coming Soon

Coming up next week will be another opportunity for Montanans to help out Montana students because it will be Montana Millionaire time again.  If you plan on playing the Montana Lottery now you know where some of the money goes. Please play responsibly.

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