Housing continues to be a hot topic in Montana. Just today, an article from last year was recirculating on the internet about a couple in Victor, Montana that built a cob house for less than $20,000. 11 months later, the idea is still captivating.

We're also seeing that relocation patterns are shifting. People aren't as interested in moving to Montana anymore, but that doesn't change the fact that people are still having trouble affording housing in Montana.

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The good news is that the couple from Victor, according to MSN.com, are leading workshops on how to build cob houses, so that may be a viable option to keep real estate costs down.

Another idea, this one from the University of Maine, could help with housing in Montana too. Have you heard about 3D-printed houses?

3D Printed Home
University of Maine

As the video describes, a major benefit to this style of housing is that it uses wood waste, which is low-cost, and could even be recycled. The University of Maine also says that the labor and process of assembling these houses is more efficient than traditional home construction.

"Biohome3D was printed in four modules, then moved to the site and assembled in half a day. Electricity was running within two hours with only one electrician needed on site," the release said.

For a project like this and similar ones, it also helps that the University of Maine is home to the world's largest 3D printer.  

At only 600 square feet, these homes might be ideal for a tiny home community like the one that a local steak house is considering. There may be other opportunities across Montana as well.

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It will be interesting to see if this idea takes off, and whether or not we'll see these types of houses in Montana anytime soon.

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