The Montana Lottery had a big year in 2023 and for three lucky lottery players, the year just got bigger. The Montana Lottery has drawn the winning numbers for this years drawing, and it looks like Christmas may be a day late for a three lucky people this season. This year there are three $1,000,000 winning tickets.

Montana Millionaire Set Records This Year

The Montana Millionaire tickets went on sale at 5:30am on Wednesday, November 1st, and sold out in record time. There were a total of 380,000 tickets this year and they sold out in just shy of 5 hours. We did the math for you, the lottery was selling tickets at a pace of 1,238 tickets a minute.

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There Were some Firsts With the 2023 Montana Millionaire Tickets

This year we saw something the lottery hasn't seen before. People were asking if people were willing to sell their Montana Millionaire tickets online. The Montana Lottery had to issue a warning against that practice. In Montana it is against the law to buy or sell lottery tickets unless you are an authorized dealer.

On Tuesday December 26th, the Montana Lottery drew the three winning numbers worth $1,000,000 each. The numbers are below:

Credit: Montana Lottery via Facebook
Credit: Montana Lottery via Facebook

Congratulations to the three winning ticket holders. Also congratulations to all the instant winners, and the "Early Bird" drawing winners.

Let's Hope the Newest Montana Millionaires Come Forward in Time

Let's make sure that what happened this year doesn't happen again. This year a winning Montana Millionaire did not get redeemed before the deadline for redemption. The $1,000,000 jackpot then went into Montana's general fund. I have a feeling that won't be happening again this year. With the demand of tickets so high this, the Montana Lottery is considering possibilities on how to meet the demand. There may be a second Montana Millionaire game before you know it.

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