Montana has been written about, talked about and visited by many. It is a unique and special place and it has been described in many different ways by many different people. Some good, some bad and some very interesting.

Montana Is Called Home By A Variety of People

There have been quotes by actors, politician, authors, musicians, athletes and more. Montana, over the many years, has touched many lives and continues to do so.

Montana Makes it's Mark on A Lot of People

Whether you grew up here, lived here, or visited here. There is a lot of ways to describe Montana or the people from our state. Some people never had the chance to visit Montana, but have had something to say about it.

Montana Is Mentioned in Some Historic Quotes

There are quotes about Montana that are attributed to people such as the famous quote credited to Abraham Lincoln:

My favorite state has not been invented. It will be Called Montana and it will be perfect.

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Some of my favorite quotes are from some interesting people. Author Jim Harrison, who wrote "Legends Of the Fall", had a great quote about Montana:

I am outdoors a lot so I get dark. Guess who get's stopped?  I've been pulled over and they ask 'Where are you from?', I say 'Montana'. They say 'Are you sure?'. And I say 'I'm reasonably sure I am from Montana, but you know this is a dream life. You start on this schtick with them and it's fun". -Jim Harrison via

Montana will continue to be talked about, written about and sung about, because we are an amazing place filled with amazing and interesting people. Here are some interesting quotes about Montana.

10 Interesting Quotes About Montana

10 Interesting quotes about Montana from authors, athletes, actors and musicians.

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