It seems like so long ago. The end of season 4 has had many "Yellowstone" fans asking "what will happen next." Well, the wait is nearly over. Tyler Sheridan and his team have been painstakingly filming the 5th season of "Yellowstone" here in western Montana since May of this year. The hard work has lead to an official release date for the new season.

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For some of us, it feels like it has been forever since we wrapped up season 4 last Fall. Will John Dutton continue his run for Governor of Montana? How will he handle running the state and operating his giant ranch? What is going to happen to Jaime? How is Kayce and Monica's relationship going? Is Jimmy going to return from Texas and the 6666 Ranch? Are Teeter, Lloyd and Walker going to be able to get along in the bunkhouse? Will Beth step up as a parent to Carter?  How are Rip and Beth handling married life?

We will soon find out, as "Yellowstone" announced a release date of Sunday November 13th.

Paramount released a new trailer last week, announcing the 2 hour season premiere event.

Now, it is safe to assume that we all know at least one person in our circle of friends that applied to be an extra on the show. Whether it be for scenes involving big crowds or small scenes. Chances are, if you are good at operating the "pause" button, you will see some very familiar faces in the background of your favorite hit television show.

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