The Montana Lottery recently announced that they will be increasing the "Montana Millionaire" game for 2023. There will be more chances for someone to become a millionaire, three chances to be exact. The odds are also increasing to make it easier to become a millionaire. There were two winning tickets for the million dollars last December. So far only one of the tickets has been redeemed. There is a million dollar ticket still out there somewhere, but that is not all.

Credit: Montana Lottery via Facebook
Credit: Montana Lottery via Facebook

There is A Lot of Money Out There in Montana

The Montana Lottery is reminding people that there are some winning tickets out there that have yet to be claimed with prize amounts from $5,000 to $1,000,000. Check your tickets. After I saw this latest list of prize winners that haven't claimed their prizes, I checked all my tickets. None of the big winners are mine. But I did find a $6 winning ticket.

Do You Have A Montana Lottery Winning Ticket?

With so many winning tickets, it begs the question, "who has the winning tickets?". Is it you? Maybe the winners are just waiting. If I had the winning million dollar ticket, I just may hold on to it until just before the next drawing. The focus would then be on someone else. Who am I kidding? I would be in Helena lined up at the lottery headquarters the very next day.

I Root For Everyone Who Plays the Montana Lottery

Congratulations to all the winners that are still out there. I root for everyone who plays the lottery. I hope that someday I will be friends with a person who walks away with the million dollars, maybe they will take me with them. I also hope that someone hasn't accidently thrown their winning ticket away. Check those tickets, some of this money may be yours.

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