Summer means hot weather wherever you are in Montana. When it is sizzling out one of the best ways to cool down is a refreshing ice cream. Montana is home to some amazing ice cream made in our own backyard. Sometimes it doesn't matter how you get your ice cream. I still get nostalgic when I hear the music of an ice cream truck traveling through my neighborhood.

Social Media Influencers in Montana

As I was scrolling the other day on TikTok, before it becomes illegal in Montana starting on January 1st, 2024. I found a video about a couple friends who set off on a journey to find the country's best ice cream. They are traveling from state to state to find "the best ice cream". The group has traveled through Montana and made a stop in Missoula. They stopped at Sweet Peaks Ice Cream. Sweet Peaks started in Whitefish, Montana and has grown to four locations including Kalispell, Bozeman and Missoula.


The @bycohen account has over 217,000 followers and so far over 31,000 people have liked the clip so far.

Montana is Known for it's Huckleberries

Growing up in Montana, I take it for granted that not everyone knows about our huckleberries or even what a huckleberry is. It is now officially the Montana State Fruit. These guys have now learned what huckleberries are, they also got to taste them in their ice cream. They have also learned a little bit about Montana and Missoula in the pursuit of finding good ice cream. When social media influencers come through Montana, and have a good experience and enjoy our state without making fools of themselves, it isn't so bad. When you get obnoxious influencers in our state, that is when it becomes an issue and a problem.

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