Friday the Montana Legislature voted by a margin of 54-43 to ban the TikTok app in the state of Montana. Now it will be up to Governor Greg Gianforte whether he signs this bill into law. Montana, as of Friday, was the first state in the United States to vote to ban this app. Is this the first step of many in Montanans losing more of our freedoms? Even if you don't use TikTok, you should be concerned.

Are the Arguments Really What it is About?

I have heard multiple arguments for banning the app. If an argument to ban the app is to help protect children, is the Montana Legislature prepared to ban all apps that are similar? Will Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, that all show the same type of content be next? If the argument is that our information is going to be used by the Chinese Government. If I, as an adult, agree to TikTok's "terms of service", that is my decision. Every social media company uses the information of their users, and it is up to me whether to participate or not.

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Montanans Can Make Their Own Decisions About TikTok

I think the most important argument against banning TikTok is that it will be taking away a freedom that we have as Montanans. We should be able to make these decisions ourselves. If I choose to use the TikTok app I should have that freedom. If I choose to never download the TikTok app, I should have the choice to make that decision. I don't think that the Montana Legislature, specifically 54 people, should be making this decision for me.

What is the Next App to be Banned In Montana?

What app will the government want to ban next in Montana? Will they ban my map apps, because they track where my phone is and they can possibly lead me astray? Will they ban my banking app, because the app can track my money and they have some of my most important information? Once this starts where will it end? You may laugh at those examples, but I didn't think the government would be wanting to ban an app that I have used to watch sports or how to cook a perfect ravioli, but here we are.

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