Montana fire season will be coming. We know there will be a fire season, but we won't know how bad or how long it will be. We already had a taste of what is to come when we had smoke filling our valleys coming  from the wildfires that have been burning to our north in Canada.

Montana Can Now Track Controlled Burns and Permits

Montana is in the midst of permitted burning season, depending on your location. Montana now has the technology available for those who want to know where burning permits have been issued and where fires are burning in certain counties across the state. When you use the website you can search by county and zoom in to get information about fires. If you see smoke from a fire and are unsure if the fire is a controlled burn, you can check out the county burn permit and notification website. You will then be able to find information about the fire, If there was a permit issued or if it is a scheduled prescribed burn. Before you report the fire to the authorities, they ask you to check the site. If you don't have internet access to check on the status of the fire you can call 911 to report the fire to the authorities.

Montana Has Lots of Wildfire Resources

Being prepared for wildfires is important and you can get a lot of information from Montana Fire Information. They have information that can help you prepare your home for fire. How to plan and prepare for an evacuation if needed. They also have information on preparing for wildfire smoke, which we have already seen this year.

Prepare for Montana's Fire Season

Preparing for Montana wild fire season is something everyone should be aware of across the state. There are so many unknowns about our fire seasons, but at least Montana is giving us resources to be prepared.

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