When it comes to education in Montana, we rank pretty high. We have the highest percentage of high school diplomas in the country. What is being taught in Montana, will require an entirely different conversation.

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There is one particular subject that is taught in school that I rarely, if ever, use in my daily life. That is writing in cursive. We were curious if people think that cursive should still be taught in schools. So we asked. Not only was the question overwhelmingly answered one way, but it also caused arguments, opinions and emotions. We were pretty shocked at the reactions. Some people got angry at the question and some turned it into a political question.

Learning Cursive is Not Easy

For the record I am left-handed. For me learning cursive was difficult, to say the least. I am lucky enough to have been of the generation where they didn't try to force me to change hands with my handwriting, like some unlucky people. Everything I do, I do left handed, from writing, to sports.

A Majority Want To See Cursive Still Taught in Montana Schools

A majority of the answers to the question was a resounding "Yes", people think that cursive should still be taught in school. Not many people gave reasons why they think it should still be taught. There were a few reasons that were given that made sense.

  1. A lot of American historic documents are written in cursive. To be able to at least read them can be helpful.
  2. It can be used by physical therapists to work on a patients fine motor skills for rehabilitation.
  3. To distinguish a person's signature from others on legal documents.

Cursive Hasn't Gone Away, Yet

Cursive is still being taught in schools in Montana. According to Mycursive.com, there are currently 23 states in the U.S. that require cursive to be taught in schools. Montana is not one of them. If there are legit reasons that cursive should still be taught, I am all for it. I am not for continuing to teach a subject with the attitude, "I had to learn it so everyone should have to learn it too". That makes no sense to me.

What Other Subjects Should Be Taught In Montana Schools?

The cursive question did open up a lot more questions about what should be taught in schools. Is there a topic that isn't currently taught in Montana schools that you think should be?

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