When it comes to education, Montanans take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to us. Especially when it comes to a chance to get a high school diploma. According to a recent report from Wallet Hub about the "Most & Least Educated States in America 2024", Montana ranks pretty high compared to the rest of the country. There is one category where we rank higher than any other state in the nation.

Montana's Rank as One of the Most Educated States

According to the report, overall Montana ranks as the the 14th "Most Educated" state in the country. The top 5 most educated states according to the report are:

  • 1. Massachusetts
  • 2. Vermont
  • 3. Maryland
  • 4. Connecticut
  • 5. Colorado

The bottom of the list as the "Least Educated" states are:

  • 46. Oklahoma
  • 47. Arkansas
  • 48. Louisiana
  • 49. Mississippi
  • 50. West Virginia

Montana Leads the Pack in at Least One Category

There is one category where Montana leads the pack, and that is the percentage of our population that at least holds a high school diploma. Montana ranks number 1 in that category. The top 5 states with the most high school diplomas are:

  • 1. Montana
  • 2. Vermont
  • 3. Maine
  • 4. New Hampshire
  • 5. Wyoming

This isn't the only report that has Montana ranked high when it comes to education, according to Guru 99.com, we are pretty smart, see below:

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We May Not Have The Best Education

According to the Wallet Hub rankings, Montana ranks in the lower part of the survey when it comes to "Quality of Education", we rank 31st, compared to the rest of the country. Even though Montana's quality of education doesn't rank very high, according to this study, it is good to see we have a lot of people that have at least gone through high school in Montana and that is more than all of the other states can say.

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