Winter sports in and around Missoula often focus on downhill skiing and snowboarding. Then, you have those that are interested in cross-country skiing. Further down on the list is snowshoeing. Some outlets are reporting that snowshoeing’s popularity is on the rise while other data suggests it’s on the decline.

Sure, you can go faster and further skiing, but if you like to hike, snowshoeing is just that--(winter) hiking.

If you do like to snowshoe then you know that some of the more popular places include the Rattlesnake, Pattee Creek, and Blue Mountain. AllTrails has a list of the best trails for snowshoeing in Missoula that includes places to go in all three of these areas. And not far from Missoula, you can find some great trails in the Lolo National Forest.

But Do You Know About Deer Creek Sneak?

This multi-use trail east of Missoula is the perfect place to snowshoe if you’re looking for a trail without a ton of other people. On a recent trek, we didn’t run into anyone while we were out.

Now, the “trail” does get criticized, as one user on says for being a “boring a$$ dirt road!” It is a dirt road, but boring is a matter of perspective. If you're paying attention, and you time it right, ascending into the canyon gives way to beautiful mountain views and the light will highlight the mountaintops and trees in truly Instagram-worthy ways.

The trail is designated for multiple activities. If you’re mountain biking, will it blow your hair back? Probably not. The trail is classified as easy and kid-friendly, but is approximately 4 miles long and you can use it as a connector to both the Pattee Creek Recreation Area and the Milltown Dam State Park. If you’re not training for a marathon, Deer Creek Sneak is a great place for recreational snowshoeing.

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