I like hiking as much as the next Montanan, but I'm not sure I'd be into this.

Thankfully, this TikTok video is wracking up views not because it's a ridiculous depiction of Montana. You know, like this hilarious video "depicting" Billings, Montana.

Quin Gable, a travel influencer with over 1.1M followers on TikTok, recently posted about her favorite hike in Glacier National Park.

Grinnell Glacier Trail, Glacier National Park, Montana

The hike itself is a 10-mile out and back according to AllTrails and is considered challenging but popular. Long, challenging hikes are nothing new for Montanans who like to hike. It's what she chose to do while on the hike that has me squirming in my swivel chair.

As you'll see in the video below, Gable adds another activity to the hike.


Is it That Different Than a Good Ol' Polar Plunge?

Hiking is hard enough if you're going 10 miles and gaining over 2,000 feet in elevation but throwing in a polar plunge--and a glacier polar plunge, too? That seems like one too many difficult activities at once to be fun, but then again, it's a surefire way to have Type-3 fun.

Would You Swim in a Lake with Icebergs?

If you do a cold plunge in a lake with actual pieces of Glacier, does that make it more magical? Special? It definitely makes it cold. One commenter says "I swam in glacier water in the summer and barely survived" with a crying emoji. Others said they were "jealous" but I have to wonder, are they jealous of the hiking in Glacier National Park or swimming with icebergs? Or both?

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