The Ground Hog has come and gone. The Super Bowl is over. Valentine’s Day, done. It may be hard to imagine after we just got a couple of inches of snow, but there are some sure signs that Spring in Missoula is closer than you think.  

More Daylight- Sunset is after 6 pm, and the days are getting longer. It also seems we have more actual sunshine days. The multiple days of inversions, hopefully are done. Here is the Montana Spring Forecast from the Farmer's Almanac.

The Pothole Patrol Is Out- The Pothole Patrol is out fixing potholes, if they can, in between snow storms.  

Studs on Pavement- In Montana, we need our studded tires. This is the time of year when you can hear the studs on all the streets.  

Higgins Dairy Queen Opens- The Higgins Avenue Dairy Queen is now open. This has been a tradition in Missoula for decades. Even if it is snowing, you should get a Dilly Bar, it make it feel like Spring. 

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Thinner Layers- You still need layers of clothes. The layers just don’t need to be as thick. A hoodie can start being worn as a jacket. Keep your winter gloves handy, just in case, but you will find you won't need them very often. 

Animals- The birds are coming around. The urban deer are everywhere, looking for your flowers to eat.  

University of Montana Basketball- Go Griz and Lady Griz. This is the time of year when every game counts. Will they make the Big Sky Tournament? Will they get an invite to “March Madness”?  

Sidewalks Finally Get Cleared of Snow- With the warmer weather, people can finally get the sidewalks cleared of snow and maybe even cleared of “ice melt” for the season. More walking for everyone. You may even see a sheep or goat in town now.

Time To Clean The Yard- With the snow melting, comes the realization of just how long the winter has been if you have a dog or two. 

Spring in Missoula is a wonderful time and all the signs point to it being here very soon, even if it only lasts a week or two.

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