Sometimes in a fast-paced, technology filled world we all need to take a break and try to relax. It isn't always easy. Recently a study was released, by Thuy-vy Nguyen from Durham University, that reports that just fifteen minutes of solitude can help your mood and your mind.

Solitude in Montana May Improve Your Mood

Montana has a lot to offer when it comes to places where someone can find solitude. According to the study, solitude doesn't always mean being by yourself.

While people’s definitions of solitude might vary, what is interesting is that for many, being solitary doesn't necessarily mean there's no one else around. Instead, many people can, and do, find solitude in public spaces, whether this be sitting with a cup of tea in a busy cafe or reading a book in a park. And my research suggests that taking some time for yourself could have a positive impact on your daily mood.

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Montana has a Multitude of Options for Solitude

With all the places Montana has to offer for some solitude, it is up to us to take advantage of it. Reports like this can make Montana look even more attractive to visitors or to people who are looking to relocate. That may make some Montanans mad. Maybe a little solitude could help with that.

This May Become a Priority for Me

I find myself spending more time than I would like to in front of a screen and I am aware of the impact that it can have on my mood. Knowing that there is a possibility that my mood could be improved with just fifteen minutes to myself, makes me want rethink my schedule. I will seriously be considering taking some time myself to make solitude a priority.

If You Need to Relax, Here's What Montanans Recommend

Sure people come to Montana to relax, but what do Montanans do to relax? Here are a few suggestions:

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