A friend of our radio station shared an interesting story about unwittingly serving the one and only Samuel L. Jackson at a local restaurant recently. Maddy describes what happened.

“One guy comes in and says, ‘I have four tall friends, where can we sit?’ And I point to a booth in the back and tell them I'd be happy to serve them. Then I drop menus and joke about the two sitting at the counter getting voted off the island, and they laugh.” 

Maddy says that she then noticed Samuel L. Jackson was wearing a Gator hat.  

“I get all excited about gators and how much I love them and seeing them in Texas over the summer and how cool his hat is. Then I tell him that they are all tall because I'm standing up and they're sitting down and we are all the same height. We laugh and have fun with dinner and I'm just being silly.” 

She shared a few more jokes with the group and then they told her that they would come back.  

“I tell them I bartend on Tuesdays and even though they don't drink, they can still hang out with me at the bar after they pay and stuff.”  

At this point, another table gets her attention and asks if they can buy Samuel L. Jackson a drink, and this is when Maddy realizes she may have a famous customer. 

“So I wander up to him and say, ‘Hey, were you in Pulp Fiction?’ And he said ‘no’ and his friend said ‘yes.’ So I asked, ‘Are you Samuel L Jackson then?’” 

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She admits that she was confused at this point and thinks that his friends could tell she was confused, too. She continues.  

“Then he says, “I'll be Samuel L Jackson when I leave in 5 minutes.”  

She said she apologized for not recognizing him and that she really did love his Gator hat. She also said that they tipped well.  

“I think they liked that I was confused and didn't understand who he was in the moment and that I just was so stoked to not talk about him, but to talk about alligators.” 

We looked to see if anyone else had seen Samuel L. Jackson in Bozeman recently and this photo popped up on Facebook:

We hope he and his friends enjoyed their time in Montana.

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