The controversial movie "Rust" is continuing production with filming scheduled to begin in Montana this week according to Deadline. There were reports that the production was going to be moving to Montana back in February. According to a recent Deadline report the filming will begin this week.

According to Deadline The "Rust" Production is Looking For Actors

According to Deadline they are also looking for actors for roles in the upcoming production, including a boy who is "hearing impaired". Here is a description of what they are looking for:

The description of the supporting role, a character named Jacob Hollister, reads, “a smart, sweet little boy who knows nothing of the world other than what his older brother Lucas has created for him. Lucas is all Jacob has in the world.” Start of date for the “6-to-7 years old white boy” role is April 23.

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"Rust" Has Been A Controversial Film

The production is set to film at the Yellowstone Film Ranch, just outside of Paradise Valley. The filming of "Rust" has been controversial with the accidental death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and the charges and lawsuits that Alec Baldwin and others have faced. Halyna Hutchins' husband, Matthew, has been named as an executive producer on the project as it get underway again in Montana. Alec Baldwin's preliminary involuntary manslaughter case is scheduled to start in New Mexico on May 3rd. There is no word on if filming in Montana will be completed by then or how it will affect the production of the movie. For now the filming is reportedly scheduled to start this week.

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