Sometimes money is worth more than just the face value. There are collectors out there that are willing to pay big bucks for money, and it doesn't always have to be old to be valuable.

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For money collectors, a bill that isn't very common could be worth more than face value. For example the two dollar bill. Even though they are in circulation, they aren't very common and can be worth more than just two dollars. My father used to give us two dollar bills as presents. He did it to be different, he didn't do it expecting us to get rich off of the few two dollar bills he used to give us.

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Printing errors can make money even more valuable. There is a one dollar bill printing error that you may not be aware of and it could be worth big money. According to Wealthy Nickel, there are 6 million misprinted one dollar bills and if you can find a pair of them, they could be worth up to $150,000. This is what you are looking for on the valuable one dollar bills:

  • The series date, located near the picture of George Washington must read "Series 2013".
  • The bill must have a "B" Federal Reserve Seal above the serial number.
  • The series number must end with a star (*). The serial numbers must fall between B00000001*-B00250000* or B03200001*-B09600000*.

You Have To Find Both of the Dollars

The key to making the big bucks on these bills, is you have to find two of the bills with the same serial number. The Federal Reserve printed duplicate copies of the bills. So far, according to Wealthy Nickel, 37 complete pairs have been found. There is a catalog of the bills that is being amassed that hopes to pair people up with the two misprinted bills. If you have one of the bills you can register it at Project 213B.

Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for those one dollar bills they could be anywhere, including here in Montana.

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