Everyone is feeling the pinch these days when it comes to money. The price of groceries, products and gasoline has been a topic of conversation in a lot households. In Montana we recently saw how people can react to the chance at making money with the record sales of the Montana Lottery's "Montana Millionaire" game. The Montana Lottery had to warn against people selling tickets on the secondary market.

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It's seems like more people these days aren't using paper money and coins as much as they used to. That is a shame, because some of that cash can be worth quite a bit of money. We told you about a coin that could net you some big bucks, now there are some bills that could do possibly do the same.

Montana Check Those Bills

If you happen to have any $2 bills lying around they could be worth a lot of money. The $2 bill, featuring Thomas Jefferson, is pretty rare to see around these days. It's not often that you see them in circulation. I can't remember the last time I got one back with my change. My dad used to give them to me and siblings for holidays. We never thought they were worth more than just two dollars. We were wrong.

Credit: Chris Wolfe
Credit: Chris Wolfe

The $2 Bill May Be Worth A Lot

According to a report by CBS News, people are finding out just how much they really are worth. Some of the bills don't even have to be that old. There was an example of a bill printed in 2003 with a low serial number that sold at auction for $2,400 and then was later resold for $4,000.

Keep A Look Out for These Bill Traits

Lower serial numbers and blue, brown or red seals can all amount to some big bucks. According to the report there are 1.2 billion $2 bills in circulation, but you rarely see them or ever get them as change. If you do, hang onto them, they could be worth way more than the face value suggests.

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