News of a comeback is circulating after a major retailer from years past was purchased by a new company.

Brick-and-mortar locations all over the country have been shuttering over the past several years. In Missoula, we've seen Bed Bath & Beyond close, as well as another popular 80s retail store, The Gap, close in Southgate Mall.


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But according to a recent article from TheStreet, we may start seeing one retail chain make a comeback.

The biggest franchise operator of the brand, El Salvador-based Unicome Group, has now acquired the company. It has big plans to not ony revamp its website but also to build back its brick-and-mortar presence in the U.S. -

Remnants of that brick-and-mortar presence can be seen around Montana.

Are There Any RadioShack Stores in Montana?

Sort of. A quick Google search of RadioShack stores in Montana gives you five listings

  • Radio Shack, Stevensville MT
  • Radioshack, Hamilton, MT
  • RadioShack of Bozeman, Bozeman MT
  • RadioShack, Livingston, MT
  • Electric Service Shop Inc - Radio Shack Dealer, Roundup, MT

Looking at recent photos on Google for many of these locations, they were obviously once RadioShack locations, but many have a slightly different name now. For example, the Electronics Super Store in Hamilton, Montana, has a reader board that said at one time "Hamilton's old RadioShack, new name better products, lower everyday prices." The RadioShack of Bozeman website shows the familiar RadioShack logo but is also listed as The Shack in Google and in the footer of their website.

We'll have to wait and see if any former RadioShack locations are revived based on the latest news.

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